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As at the end of 2022(holding and associated companies together)

  • Producing Feed


  • Supplying Swine

    1.36 million heads

  • Slaughtering Broilers (together with partners)

    724 million

Founded by Chairman Weidong Jin together with other 6 founders in 1995, Wellhope originally initiated from animal feed business and raw material trade, now it has stepped into broiler integration and swine raising businesses, also involved in meat processing, pet clinic, smart farming equipment manufacturing, feed additives, etc. Wellhope's products are marketed in 32 provinces across China and sold to 22 countries. It has also set up 11 feed mills in 7 countries, such as Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia and Russia, etc. 

National Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Integration Industry

Vice Chairman of China Feed Industry Association

Vice Chairman of China Animal Agriculture Association

Top 100 Most Valuable Corporation of Chinese Public Companies

China's Top 500 Privately-owned Enterprise

China's Top 50 Public Companies with Healthy Financial Position

Thus Spoke Chairman Weidong Jin

The development of enterprise is the foundation of social progress while social progress guarantees enterprise's development. Wellhope was founded during the rise of China's feed industry with the purpose of contributing to the development of this industry. Facing challenges and obstacles that seemed insurmountable, all the staff of Wellhope had put in painstaking efforts, not limited in pursuing wealth and benefit, but in giving ourselves wholly to this common purpose. All of us stayed together in times of adversity, and shared glory and honor in times of prosperity. Since being established in 1995, Wellhope has attained to make some achievements as a result of the contributions of staff, the support of partners, friends and the society. However, we should never stop the pace of development. In the years to come, hopefully all the staff will always hold together for partnering towards our great future, and will always follow the spirit of dedication while creating benefits for the society.
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  • Wellhope

    Wellhope's products have been marketed in 32 provinces across China and sold to 22 countries abroad. Currently, Wellhope has invested over 200 holding and associated companies and globally set up 11 feed mills in 7 countries, such as Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia and Russia, etc.

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    Corporate Mission

    Through advanced technology, professional service, high-quality products, Wellhope is devoted to the development of China's animal husbandry industry, resources conservation, environment protection, as well as food security for the benefit of people.

    Shenyang Head Office

    Address: No. 169, Huishan Street, Shenbei New District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, P.R.C.

    Telephone: 024-88082666

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