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At the start-up period, Wellhope announced its Declaration and Mission to indicate and admonish all employees about social responsibilities and missions during the development process. Over the years, Wellhope has been strictly fulfilling its commitment and practicing corporate responsibilities.

A.Responsibilities to society and industry

a.Practice of Wellhope Mission. Through advanced technology, professional service, and high-quality products, Wellhope is devoted to the development of China's animal husbandry industry, resources conservation, environment protection, as well as food security for the benefit of people.

Saving resources: China needs to use only 7% of the world's land to feed 22% of the world's population. In response to increasing shortage of natural resources, the Company constantly innovates alternatives of raw materials and processing technologies to develop low-protein feed. Through applying corn by-products and unconventional protein, it has reduced the use of corn, soybean meal and other grain in feed. In terms of raising technology, the Company helps farmers to apply energy-saving technologies to improve resource utilization, for example, by using its ingenious ventilation mode and solar energy utilization technology to simplify ventilation and heat preservation, reduce electricity consumption and save coal. In terms of broiler slaughtering, the Company equips high-efficient facilities and continuously conducts lean management to improve slaughtering operation and achieve efficient killing-out percentage and energy saving. 

Environment protection: Because animal husbandry has certain pollution to the environment, Wellhope utilizes various ways such as technological innovation and equipment input to protect environment. In terms of technical innovation, it applies eco-friendly raw materials and additives in feed formulations and continuously develops safe and eco-friendly feed to reduce emissions of heavy metals, nitrogen and phosphorus. In terms of animal raising and slaughtering, Wellhope automates production lines and continuously improves the design, recycles wastes and combines planting with animal raising to realize environmental protection. 

Food safety: Wellhope has never forgotten its social responsibility and food safety, and taken “becoming one of the world's leading enterprises across agriculture, animal husbandry and food industries as well as becoming a safe and high-quality food manufacturer” as its development objectives. Its R&D testing center has been equipped with advanced testing equipment and always conducted strict quality control of raw materials and feed products to ensure safety of feed products. For the broiler business, Wellhope takes strict farm-to-table controlling that integrates bio-safety, drug residue control and processing hygiene to achieve traceable food safety. Meanwhile, Wellhope has always attached importance to the know-how of antibiotic-free. From 2013 to 2019, it has carried out more than 100 studies and experiments on antibiotic substitutions, committed to achieving antibiotic-free feed and reducing the use of antibiotics in farms to ensure food safety. With years of focuses of providing high quality, stable and safe products, Wellhope was honored as Outstanding Integrity Enterprise and Leading Enterprise with Social Responsibility in the 17th Annual Meeting of China's Food Safety in 2019. 

b.Contributing to public charity giving 

Within 25 years' journey, Wellhope has been committed to supporting public welfare and charity undertakings within its means, whilst many of its senior executives and managers have also donated to needy families and students in their own capacities. In 2020, Wellhope together with its managers and employees have donated more than CNY 12 million to jointly battle the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Wellhope is also devoted to educational charity, such as providing awards and bursary supports to many college students nationwide, offering them opportunities to attend in holiday internships and summer camps, etc. In 2019, Wellhope donated over RMB 3 million of education funds and scholarships to Nanjing Agricultural University, Shenyang Agricultural University, Gansu Agricultural University and other universities.

c.Offering job opportunities 

According to the development needs, Wellhope holds job fair and campus recruitment every year, creating job opportunities for the society. In 2019, the Company recruited more than 300 undergraduates, masters and doctors from 28 universities across China and provided systematic trainings to help them to grow rapidly. In the face of COVID-19, Wellhope held online job recruitment by live broadcast to offer opportunities to ensure employment of graduates. 

B.Responsibilities to shareholders 

During development, Wellhope has always conducted business driven by the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, improved corporate governance and observed the laws and compliance management. As a public company, Wellhope strictly implements the regulations issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Stock Exchange, its Company Constitution and other internal regulations, also actively adapts to the changes in regulatory policies and continuously improves its corporate governance and information disclosure. Its performance of information disclosure in 2019 has been appraised as A-level by Shanghai Stock Exchange for three consecutive years. 

Meanwhile, Wellhope has formulated stable profit distribution policy for rewarding shareholders. Since going public in 2014, all the funds raised from IPO have been returned to investors by cash dividends.

C.Responsibilities to customers 

Driven by the concept of progressing together with customers, Wellhope is dedicated to providing excellent and stable-quality products and services to customers. In terms of products, Wellhope continues to develop feed products catering to market and customers' needs. In terms of animal raising, it offers farmers systematic services such as raising model, feeding program, disease diagnosing and latest market information, also provides them trainings and farm management solutions to improve operation skills. Meanwhile, Wellhope constantly explores various methods for innovating customer services, sending key technical experts to customers'farms to assist them to build data management system, collects and analyzes production data and formulates analysis report of production performance to improve production. Facing African Swine Fever, Wellhope has built specialized teams to provide customers related services in terms of safe products and transportation, ASF prevention and solutions to resume production, etc. Meanwhile, it actively conducts on-line technical services and management guidance, including holding live streaming and experts on line to help customers prevent ASF and reduce losses. 

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