Poverty Alleviation

Lankao duck integration project was invested as a targeted poverty alleviation project in response to the call of Lankao County Party Committee and county government, which implements the operating model of rearing ducks by the Company and contract farms. In line with the principle of mutual benefit, equality and voluntariness, the company sign contracts with farmers and adopt unified supply of ducklings, feed, medicine, technical service and repurchasing, farmers are not required to prepare working capital. In 2019, Lankan duck company signed 3,738 contracts with 1,869 farmers, repurchased 19.32 million ducks with direct expenditure of CNY 12.30 million. 

Meanwhile, in order to help Laifeng County to fight against poverty, Beijing Sanyuan Agri-Tech, one of the subsidiaries of the Company, donated CNY 200,000 to Laifeng County government for rural revitalization. 

Wellhope will give full play to its strengths to integrate resources and continuously support poverty alleviation to contribute to the goal of securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. 

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