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Petmate is a new project co-invested by Wellhope in 2015 to enter the field of pet clinics, mainly focusing on pet clinics, disease diagnosis, trading business, own-brand pet food and supplies. Since its inception, Petmate has successively operated dozens of pet clinics, two trading companies and one diagnostic center in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Beijing.

Petmate Clinic
Cooperating with Universities

Cooperating with Universities

Petmate has established co-teaching clinics with several well-known universities, such as Shenyang Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University, Inner Mongolia Minzu University and Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University. Among them, the Petmate Clinic of Shenyang Agricultural University in cooperation with Wellhope was rated as a five-star clinic in the first batch of veterinary hospital grading by China Veterinary Medical Association.

Dozens of veterinary surgeons specialized in diagnosis and treatment

Dozens of veterinary surgeons specialized in diagnosis and treatment

A wealth of clinical experience and excellence in medical technology

Petmate Clinic Pet Health Assistant

Petmate is dedicated to providing professional diagnostic and treatment services for pets, and all clinics are equipped with advanced equipment such as spiral CT and MRI, as well as an elite medical team. With technical support from universities, Petmate has created more than ten pet specialties with dozens of veterinary surgeons specialized in accurate diagnosis and treatment, to provide pets with all-weather, multi-level and intimate care.

Petmate Clinic  Pet Health Assistant

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Shenyang Head Office

Address: No. 169, Huishan Street, Shenbei New District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, P.R.C.

Telephone: 024-88082666

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