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Wellhope initiates Liaoning Province Organic Broiler Food Industry Alliance

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On July 7, the inaugural meeting of Liaoning Province Organic Broiler Food Industry Alliance was held in Wellhope Shenyang Headquarters. The alliance, that was proposed by Liaoning Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and initiated by Wellhope, involves 32 leading broiler enterprises, universities, government livestock product safety supervision departments and testing organizations. It is dedicated to consolidating technology and human resources, promoting win-win cooperation among upstream and downstream enterprises in the broiler integration chain in Liaoning province, standardizing broiler rearing and processing, providing consumers with safe and high-quality organic broiler food.

As the President of this alliance, Jin Weidong, Chairman of Wellhope, expressed that: "Although broiler rearing business faces many challenges, we are convinced that broiler industry alliance will promote the development of poultry industry in Liaoning province, and lead the members to follow  market trends, make good use of channels, partnering towards a bright future."

This year the alliance will team up with related departments, to build a safe and organic manufacture standard system from parent stock and broiler rearing, hatching, feed processing to slaughtering, all the members in the alliance will produce and process products in accordance with related standards.