Job Vacancies

Financial Manager(India) 

Job Description

1. In accordance with the company's business plan, sep up annual overall financial plan and control standards.

2. Establish and improve the financial management system, take charge of daily management of the finance department, annual budget, 

capital operation, etc. 

3. Conduct tax filing and annual audit work on schedule. 

4. Establish and maintain good relationships with related government departments in terms of finance, tax administration and bank. 

5. Prepare monthly management statements as well as all kinds of financial analysis statements requested by the general manager.

6. Timely report to the general manager regarding to operating results, financial revenues, expenditures and specific situations.

7. Make financial management system, and ensure its implementation.

Job Qualification

1. Bachelor or above degree, major in finance related.

2. Above 5 years working experience in finance.

3. Use English as working language, fluent written English. 


Calcutta, India, business trips in India. 

Contact Information 

1. Contact person: Frank Fei

2. Contact Number: 86-24-88081406

3. Email: