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Wellhope has invested a new project in Daqing City of Heilongjiang Province

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Recently, Wellhope's holding subsidiary company-Daqing Wellhope Food Co., Ltd. held the completion ceremony of the first phase of its broiler processing project with an annual slaughtering capability of 80 million in Zhaozhou Eeconomic Development Zone of Daqing City. 

This is the second project invested by Wellhope in Daqing after its feed project. Launching this project effectively filled the gap in the field of broiler slaughtering business in Heilongjiang Province, and it is expected to become the largest broiler slaughtering enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. 

At the ceremony, the Vice President of Wellhope said that this new project would be carried out in three stages: the first stage would be reconstructing the slaughtering factory to have an annual slaughtering capability of 40 million broilers; the second would be expanding a factory that can slaughter 80 million broilers per year; the third would be, according to the market demand and the operation of the enterprise, building a further processing factory for chicken and exporting broiler products.

Wellhope plans to invest CNY 179 million in the early stage to build a factory with an annual slaughtering capability of 80 million broilers, whilst build the broiler raising farm that can supply 35 million broilers annually, also construct breeder raising projects and feed mills to forge the integration chain. 

After the project coming into production, it can achieve a yearly sales revenue of CNY 1 billion, paying tax of CNY 15 million, and providing 850 job opportunities.

In the future, Wellhope is going to initiate the second and third phase of the project successively, which can realize CNY 3 billion of annual output, paying CNY 40 million of taxes, bringing 1,200 added jobs, and benefiting more than 1,300 farmers. This will also help realize the goal of "Supplying One Wellhope Chicken to Each Chinese Consumer Per Year".