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Wellhope successfully holds 2020 Awards Ceremony & 25th Anniversary Celebration

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On December 25, Wellhope held 2020 Awards Ceremony and celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Shenyang Head Office via the live broadcasting, nearly 90,000 people watched the live broadcast on the Internet, sharing the happiness of bumper harvest and jointly charting towards a brilliant future. 

In the first part--2020 Awards Ceremony, Wellhope presented different awards to outstanding subsidiaries, managers and employees with excellent performance. There were not only incentive awards for current performance, but also awards supporting long-term strategy realization. 



Innovation Award

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Young Elites Award


Outstanding Sales General Manager Award


Entities with Continuous Profit Growth 


Diamond Award for Business Operation

In the second part-Wellhope held its 25th Anniversary Ceremony, to celebrate the happiness of bumper harvest, to show infinite gratitude to the hard work of all Wellhope people, to the support and solidarity, understanding and cooperation of all partners, suppliers, customers, etc. throughout 25 years. 


Dance "Waltz of Dream" performed by 12 managers and employees




 “Wellhope Show", showing Wellhope's 25-year's journeys from the very beginning till now, starting from feed business to current whole industrial chain, and to become a food company in the future


Wellhope also received warm greetings from oversea partners - Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, etc. We displayed the sincere and beautiful video from Royal De Heus Company featured by the Netherlands blessing, making Wellhope people feel deep friendship



Chairman Jin Weidong, the pioneer and leader of Wellhope, finally delivered a speech on the stage, he introduced the business progress of Wellhope, analyzed strengths and disadvantages, sharing future planning and objectives of Wellhope. Thereafter, he invited some managers with the job grade of assistant director or above to come the stage and bowed our gratitude to the era, the society, government, customers, suppliers, partners, financial institutions, colleges,universities and all Wellhope employees. In the meantime, all of them recited Wellhope Declaration, which was wrote by Chairman Jin in 1995. The cultural power reignited all the audiences.

From 1995 to 2020, Wellhope has grown from obscurity to become an influential enterprise with high fighting spirit, diligence and frugality. We have developed with many highlights and visible progresses despite challenges and difficulties; we are dedicated to contributing to the worlds' animal husbandry industry and serving the society. All Wellhope people will be always chasing our dreams and marching forward courageously.