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Chairman Jin Weidong delivers a speech at the "Boss Guide" of the public class held by Shanghai Stock Exchange

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To share the practices of listed companies with high quality development and example outstanding entrepreneurs to widely spread entrepreneurship spirit to promote more listed companies improving operations, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, according to operation quality, development speed, integrity level and reputation in the capital market, selected chairmen from 6 excellent listed companies to join the "Boss Guide" to share their business philosophies.


On August 22, Wellhope's Chairman Jin Weidong, as the second invited boss, delivered a speech named Integrity, Responsibility and Double Win at the trading floor of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, he shared stories during the 25-years journey of Wellhope, including undertaking honesty and trustworthiness with Royal De Heus, founding the hope primary school at the start-up period and years later investing in the same place, Wellhope's 7 founders holding the same view of donating to their same university, growing with partners and employees driven by mutual benefit and double win, which impressed listeners.


After the speech, the host interviewed Chairman Jin from three directions in terms of current situation, enterprise management and enterprise future. Jin unreservedly shared the experiences of Wellhope and his personal deep thinking, which would give all entrepreneurs, especially young ones inspirations. 

The "Boss Guide" will be successively broadcast on multiple platforms such as Tencent News, Sina Finance, First Finance, Toutiao Finance, China Financial Information Center, Whole View Network, 21st Century Economic Report, Wind 3C Conference, Tonghuashun and Shanghai Road Show Center, etc.

Before the speech, Dong Guoqun, Vice General Manager of SSE and Chairman Jin Weidong exchanged on enterprise development and capital market development, etc.