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Wellhope has received A-grade regarding its information disclosure for three consecutive years

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Wellhope has been awarded grade A again by the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the third consecutive year since 2018, according to the results of 2019-2020 information disclosure evaluation.

Information disclosure includes "compliance and effectiveness of disclosed information", "implementation of supervision", "construction of information disclosure system", "performance of routine information disclosure by secretary of the Board ", "investor relations management" and other aspects. Each year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange evaluates the performance of listed companies regarding their information disclosure by A, B, C and D grades. The companies who get over 90 points will be rated as grade A, displaying an exemplary role to other listed companies.

Of the nearly 4,000 companies listed on the A-share market, only about 20 percent receive grade A for information disclose. Wellhope has been awarded this grade for three consecutive years, which fully reflects the high recognition from supervision institute and capital market, also demonstrates the constantly improved governance system of Wellhope. 

Since going public, Wellhope has always attached great importance to information disclosure and continued to practice the principle of honest management, it is dedicated to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors. In recent years, its corporate image in the capital market has been constantly heightened.