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People's Daily reports: Hailin City of Heilongjiang Province promotes work resumption of local enterprises within its jurisdiction, Wellhope acts as a model

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Hailin City of Heilongjiang Province insists on fighting against the epidemic and also takes effective measures to promote local enterprises within its jurisdiction resuming production.

Among theses companies, Wellhope's subsidiaries, located in Hailin National Economic and Technological Development Zone, is one of the largest producers and sellers of pig and poultry feed in the eastern region of Heilongjiang Province. At present, it has resumed production to supply feed to upstream farms. 

Wellhope sets up a disinfection area, all the people and vehicles must be conducted strict disinfection. After temperature measurement, registration, disinfection, employees begin to work. By doing this, Wellhope ensures its plant and workshop being operated in an orderly manner, makes great effors to supply feed to guranttee the production of farms.