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Wellhope spares no effort to guarantee the supply of safe and high quality feed and meat

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Holding fast to responsibilities, Wellhope is getting over the difficulties together with our compatriots

Facing novel coronavirus, Wellhope, as a member of China's animal husbandry industry, we deeply understand that, we are the logistical support of "shopping basket" to guarantee the supply of feed and meat. At this moment, the rightest thing for an enterprise to do is to ensure people have food. Hence, Wellhope quickly takes multi-pronged responses, adhereing to our responsibilities.

Taking rapid response to prevent virus and ensure feed and meat supply

At the beginning of the outbreak, led by Wellhope's Chairman Jin Weidong, each subsidiary company set up disease prevention team, to study and deploy scientific preventive measures, guaranteeing the health of staff, at the same time, to take a rational perspective for the disease, ensuring the resumption of production and product supply on time, providing logistical support for defeating the disease. 

On January 30th, the state issued the "urgent notice on ensuring the normal circulation of shopping basket products and agricultural means of production", Wellhope's Chairman Jin again stressed to ensure production and supply.


Chairman Jin stays in Wellhope Beijing Sanyuan Company

Remote work, guaranteeing production

Wellhope issued "notification letter" to employees, customers, suppliers and other different groups to establish the awareness of epidemic prevention and ensure the safety of personnel and products.

Employees report their physical conditions every day during Chinese New Year holiday, and Wellhope has conducted comprehensive measures to ensure their health.

Before starting work, Wellhope carried out disinfection to each plant, and equipped hand-held or fixed infrared thermometer, masks, disinfectant, medical alcohol and other protective equipment; also formulated routine guidelines and emergency plans, to make adequate preparations for resuming production. 

Managers and employees making concerted effort

On January 31st, most of Wellhope's managers and key employees returned to work to ensure production and provide feed and meat for the whole society.

Executive Vice President stays in Haoxiang pig farm

 Vice President stays in Fushun pig farm

Strict quality control as usual 

Abundant feed raw materials

Tidy finished products warehouse

Broiler farm

All Wellhope staff never forget: 

Our core value--Integrity, responsibility, win-win

Management culture--Innovation, efficiency, self-discipline

Hats off to everyone who stuck to their responsibility in the face of virus!

All compatriots, Fighting!