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Wellhope wins the Innovation Awards of China's Best Pig Feed

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On September 17th, the 7th Session of China's Best Pig Feed Awards Selection was held. The year 2019 is a key year for China to comprehensively promote the green growth strategy, and it is also the year when China's pig raising industry is faced with African swine fever and prohibition of the use of antibiotics in feed, thus, the purpose of China's Best Pig Feed Awards in 2019 is to find those feed enterprises that really work with pig farms and provide reliable good pig feed products or services solutions. 

Wellhope immune nutrition products(, which have been designed to enhance pig's immune response and resistance to disease as well as reduce stress under the backdrop of African swine fever, won the innovation awards of China's best pig feed. Meanwhile, Ms. Zhu Qiufeng, technical manager of Wellhope Guannei region, won the awards of outstanding animal nutritionist. 

Wellhope will continue to strengthen the development of market-oriented product, and provide customers with better products and better services, and it will be constantly dedicated to contributing to animal husbandry industry.