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Wellhope discloses its performance estimation for the first half of 2019

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I. Period

January 1st, 2019-June 30th, 2019

II. Performance estimation

According to preliminary calculation of the financial department, Wellhope estimates that the net profit attributable to the shareholders in the first half of 2019 will increase RMB 165.65 million yuan-195.65 million yuan, growing 100.78%-119.03% compared with the same period prior year. 

The estimated performance did not audited by certified public accountants. 

III. Performance in the same period prior year

Net profit attributable to the shareholders in the first half of 2018: RMB 164.36 million yuan, earnings per share: 0.20 yuan

IV. Driven factor for estimated performance growth

During the reporting period, China's white feather broiler market was blooming, Wellhope further improved and optimized the layout of integrated broiler business, the internal operation and profitability of this division have been constantly enhanced. Meanwhile, Wellhope continuously strengthened the R&D of feed products, market development and customer service, its feed sales volume realized steady growth, furthermore, the enhanced fine management promoted Wellhope's period cost ratio constantly improved.

V. Risk warning

There are no major uncertainties that affect the accuracy of this performance estimation. 

VI. Other note

Above estimated figures are preliminary calculations, accurate financial data shall be based on Wellhope's 2019 Semi-Annual Report, which will be disclosed formally. Please beware of the investment risks. 

Board of Directors of Liaoning Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock Co., Ltd.

July 16th, 2019