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Wellhope's subsidiary company holds training for excellent dealers

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On June 30th, Wellhope Shenyang Agri-Tech Company, one of Wellhope's subsidiary companies, held the 6th session of dealers' training, over 100 excellent dealers attended. 

During the training, a professor of macroeconomics from Northeastern University, was invited to give a training on macroeconomics and the current macroeconomic situation, to let the dealers undersdand current situation. Wellhope pig nutrition experts shared the solutions of bio-safety prevention and control, and the method of applying WIN technology to improve the immunity of pig, analyzed how to scientifically prevent and control African swine fever from the perspective of prophylactic immunization, also introduced pig insurance to help farmers to face up to African swine fever. 

In the meantime, business director of Wellhope's feed business unit in Liaoning region presented the circumstances of feed industry under the backdrop of African swine fever, shared the business plans of Liaoning region and key point of customers service, and expressed that, Wellhope would continuously develop market-oriented feed products, continuously improve and innovate customer service systems, help customers to tide over the difficulties, and he believed that with the joint efforts of all parties, Wellhope and customers could realize further growth.