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Wellhope publishes its first English version of 2018 annual report

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Wellhope published its English version of 2018 annual report on the website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 13rd, 2019, it was the first time for Wellhope publishing English annual report. 

In recent years, China's government continues to open the capital markets, Wellhope has been listed in the FTSE Russel Index, in the meantime, Wellhope constantly expands its international markets, thereby, disclosing English annual report is aimed at presenting Wellhope's progress to its foreign shareholders, also hoping to facilitate foreign investors to understand Wellhope, attract more international institutional investors, and enhance the internationalization level of Wellhope. 

This English version of 2018 annual report was completed by Wellhope's staff, totally translated more than 180,000 Chinese words. In the future, Wellhope will continue to disclose its regular reports in both Chinese and English versions, and actively participate in the internationalization of the capital markets.


Wellhope 2018 Annual Report----