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Wellhope co-sponsors the 15th China Animal Husbandry and Feed Science and Technology and Economic Forum

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Jointly sponsored by the Feed Economy Specialized Committee of China Society of Forest, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Economics, and Wellhope and several companies, the 15th China Animal Husbandry and Feed Science and Technology and Economic Forum was held in Shenyang city in December with the theme of  reshaping a new order for feed industry development. Over 1,300 guests including government officials, experts from universities and research institutes, and managers from animal husbandry companies attened this event.

There were 40 keynote speeches and 16 special forums focusing on the latest issues. Over 138 heavyweight guests from home and abroad, including Wellhope's management team, participated in the hot topic discussion. 

During this forum, there was a special part--Night Talk of Weidong, Chairman Jin Weidong shared the development history, future development and social responsibility of Wellhope and his life as an entrepreneur, and he also attended the round table dialogue between top 30 entrepreneurs and top 10 chief scientists on antibiotic-free feeding. Vice President Qiu Jiahui shared his perspective of white feather broiler industry, and the management practice of Wellhope broiler integration business from efficiency, patterns, industrial structure, animal welfare, genetic potential, food security and strategy, etc. On the focus forum-- Antibiotic-free and Low Protein Diet, CTO Shao Caimei introduced R&D and practices of Wellhope in the two aspects. 

This forum played a full exchange of views and a role in finding new ideas for the development of animal husbandry industry, highlighting the mission of focusing on food safety and protecting the environment, contributing to the development of the society.