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Wellhope and Novus visit a school to celebrate the World Egg Day

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The World egg day was launched by the International Egg Commission in 1999, and it was introduced into China in 2006 as an industry festival, aiming to guide the society paying attention to the egg industry and egg safety. Wellhope started to celebrate the Word Egg Day in 2014 by cooperating with Novus donating eggs to needy schoolchildren. 

On December 21, 2018, Wellhope and Novus visited an elementary school in Huanren County of Benxi City, donated 80,000 eggs to some needy schoolchildren and celebrated the World Egg Day with them.

The managers of Wellhope and Novus shared the roots of the World egg day, the formation of eggs and the nutritional ingredient, asked the students could share knowledge of egg with people around them, making more people benefiting from the eggs, and encouraged the students could aim high, contributing to the science and technology, to the country.