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Wellhope wins Top 10 China Shenyang Best Employer Award 2018

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On December 18, the 2018 China Best Employer Award Ceremony hosted by Zhaopin was held in Shenyang, Wellhope won Top 10 China Shenyang Best Employer Award, standing out from more than 30,000 enterprises. 

China Best Employer Award is launched by Zhaopin and Social Survey Research Center of Peking University, which have held 13 years in a row, aiming at selecting best employers with independent objective standpoint and through professional scientific investigation and selection, promoting Chinese enterprises making and implementing employer brand strategy. 

The selection of 2018 China best employers was launched on July 31. The participants who attend the evaluation include the public, internal employees, academic institutions, human resources experts, consulting companies and professional media, basing on six indexes in terms of the employer cultural, image, organizational management, training development, salary and welfare, work environment.

Welllhope won the Best Employer Award in 2015, 2016 and 2018, in the future Wellhope will always focus on employer brand building, abide by its human resource policy that continuously searching for talents and creating development space for employees, providing a fair, just, and merit-based environment for rewarding employees, always being dedicated to employee’s professional growth and helping them build a blessed life. And Wellhope will strive to realize sustainable and healthy development.