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The Securities Times interviews Wellhope's Chairman Jin Weidong

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On November 5, led by the Vice President, the delegation of the Securities Times visited Wellhope to interview Wellhope's Chairman Jin Weidong. This interview was a series of reports on the "high-quality development of listed companies" planned by the Securities Times.

During the interview, Chairman Jin shared the viewpoints of trend in feed industry and related aspects, he said that "the feed industry is highly objective and fair industry, also one of the industries where private capital competition is fierce. The achievements of Wellhope today are driven by the core values of integrity, win-win and responsibility, as well as the management culture of innovation, efficiency and self-discipline. In the future, Wellhope will continue to develop business with high quality, providing consumers with safe, organic, healthy and traceable products". 

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up. In order to carry forward the great spirit of reform and opening-up, promote positive energy gathering capital market, the Securities Times launched the series report of "high-quality development of listed companies", selected 100 listed companies with high performance and leading position, interviewed the executives face to face to seek good companies and good entrepreneurs.