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The Speaker of Chile Bio-Bio Region visits one of Wellhope's subsidiary company

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Invited by the Governor of Hubei province, the Speaker of Chile Bio-Bio Region and related government officials attended the Forum on Global Production Capacity and Business Cooperation which was held in Hubei province. During the visit, the Bio-Bio Region delegation visited Wellhope Jingzhou Company, one of the subsidiary company of Wellhope, with the purpose of strengthening agricultural products import and export trade and the cooperation of agricultural product processing industry.  

The General Manager of Wellhope Jingzhou informed the delegation about the company's overall production situation, including product variety, production process, raw materials, storage and other aspects in detail, also answered the questions related to the receiving process of raw materials, the number of workers and the automation of equipment; in the meantime, the delegation also shared the circumstances of agricultural product processing of Chile, making Wellhope having an overall understanding of Chile's agricultural product.