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Wellhope strengthens its market position in Indonesia by launching its second joint venture company

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On October 5th, the opening ceremony of PT. Mulia Harvest Agritech, the second joint venture company of Wellhope in Indonesia, was held grandly in the feed plant at Purwodadi, Ms. Hj. Sri Sumarni, the mayor of Purwodadi and some officials attended the ceremony. 

PT. Mulia Harvest Agritech was invested by Wellhope and PT. Karya Tunas Glorindo, Wellhope holds 60% shares, its main business covers animal feed and feed raw materials trade, potential businesses include parent stock, hatchery, feeding, slaughtering and food, etc. The partner PT. Karya Tunas Glorindo is a family group company founded by an overseas Chinese with the main business of feed processing, corn processing and sales, rice processing and sales as well as running the large-scale egg farms, it has good reputation in local market in Indonesia. 

By launching the second joint venture company, Wellhope will underline growth and strengthen its market position in Indonesia.