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Wellhope makes strategic entry in Hainan Wenchang Chicken Integration Business

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On September 28, Wellhope signed the cooperation agreement with Hainan Agricultural Reclamation Grass and Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd., the two parties will jointly establish a company engaging in Wenchang chicken integration business, aiming at forging a world-famous brand for Wenchang chicken, the traditional food in Hainan province. 

The two parties will establish a whole integration chain in terms of Wenchang chicken breeding,  rearing,  slaughtering and further processing, feed production, environmental friendly manure treatment, product sales. At the same time, it will found the price index platform and e-commerce sales platform for Hainan Wenchang chicken. 

The new company will fundamentally improve the existing problems for Wenchang chicken, such as chaotic genetic source, inconsistent feeding process and insufficient product development, promote the transformation and upgrading of Wenchang chicken industry, consolidate the industrial chain resources in Hainan province, guarantee the continuous construction of non-epidemic areas in Hainan, and achieve the overall goal of maintaining supply, balancing price and promoting ecology.

The investment in this new company is an important step for Wellhope's strategic layout and expansion of broiler integration business, it will further enhance the company's comprehensive strength and overall competitiveness.