R&D Team

Wellhope's achievements are reliant on products and innovative technology. Together, they make Wellhope competitive, and give us the potential to grow. Thereby, research and development receive priority attention at Wellhope as part of its formula for our lasting success. 

There are approximately 405 technicians and experts who have deep theoretical understanding and considerable practical experiences in the technology innovation team, they are continuously conducting research targeted at product innovation and improving the company's overall technical level. In the meantime, Wellhope has 400 staff who engage in formula, quality control and technical service. 

In 2016, new piglet product was brought to the market, significantly improved weaning press, piglet intestinal health and increased weaning weight. Moreover, new layer feed product was promoted in June, 2016, improved eggshell color and production performance. The sow feed received the honor of top 10 Chinese sow feed.