Jin Weidong(middle): Chairman and core founder, also holding the posts of the Vice President of China Feed Industry Association and China Animal Agriculture Association, the Member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the Vice President of Liaoning Feed Industry Association, the Special-term Professor and Doctoral Advisor of Shenyang Agricultural University, the Visiting Professor of Renmin University of China, the MBA Interviewer and MBA Class Adviser of Tsinghua University and Peking University. 

Ding Yunfeng(left first): founder of Wellhope, President, taking charge of feed business division. 

Wang Zhongtao(left third): founder of Wellhope, Chairman of Board of Supervisors, taking charge of trade business division.  

Shao Caimei(right first): founder of Wellhope, Chief Technical Officer, taking charge of R&D, also holding the posts of the Standing Director of Animal Nutrition Branch of Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Council, Member of Chinese Feed Industrial Standardization Committee. 

Wang Fengjiu(right second): founder of Wellhope, Vice President, taking charge of food business. 

Zhang Tiesheng(left second): founder of Wellhope, Honorary Chairman of Board of Supervisors, has already retired. 

Gao Junsong(right third): founder of Wellhope, Vice President of Guannei Region. 

In April 1995, Chairman Jin Weidong sacrificed an excellent salary and powerful position in a foreign company. He expressed his ambition in the form of a poem and invited six colleagues who had the same dream that was establishing a brand-new Chinese feed brand, to join him in Shenyang, the seven aspiring cofounders have started business together since then, charted the glorious course, and a brand-new brand “Wellhope” emerged. Out from nothing, all of them kept their dreams, journeyed and fought together, the achievement of Wellhope has proved a well-known saying "Knowledge is power, unity is strength".