Core Cultures

Wellhope Mission

Through advanced technology, professional service, and high-quality products, Wellhope is devoted to the development of China's animal husbandry industry, resources conservation, environment protection, as well as food security for the benefit of people.

Wellhope Declaration

We are committed to becoming one of the most outstanding companies in China's feed industry; we apply advanced technologies and effective management systems; we are a well-trained team; we are willing to dedicate ourselves to serving the society. Hereby, we pledge to our customers and agriculture community that: 

Wellhope will always put customers' needs first and innovate constantly;

Wellhope will always conduct business honestly;

Wellhope will always devote ourselves to the society and maintain sustained growth through technology, science and creative work.

--April 1995

Core Values


Several times a day, I go through much soul-searching and keep questioning myself: Have I done my best in serving others? Have I been honest in socializing with friends? Have I practiced what I've been taught? --Zeng Zi 


A person will accomplish nothing without enthusiasm, while the foundation of enthusiasm is none other than the sense of responsibility. --Leo Tolstoy


An individual undertakes a single task, while the whole team strive for a common goal. It is at moments like this that we see the light of humanity. --Francis Bacon

Management Philosophy


To live is to change the world. --Steve Jobs


Efficiency is everything, it is an indispensable factor in competition. --Jack Welch


The crowning achievements derive from self-discipline. --Konosuke Matsushita