IT Center

Wellhope is dedicated to optimizing the allocation of information resources to strengthen group management, enhance information application in all business divisions and facilitate the construction of the digital platform. Meanwhile, it relies on information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, internet of things, blockchain and the 5G mobile networks to formulate information-based solutions and promote its digital transformation. Wellhope's IT Center aims to build a talent team specialized in computer science and information management, artificial intelligence and data analysis to optimize information-based training systems, hedge security risks and practice IT management system. Meanwhile, the IT Center strives to help Wellhope realize its strategic objectives by providing data for decision-making and speeding up the operating efficiency. 

Wellhope is also committed to further developing the industrial internet system to promote the upgrading of digital transformation in agriculture and animal husbandry industries through building the platform for the second-level node of identification and resolution system of industrial internet and rolling out the applications.