“Wings of Love” Charity Foundation


Wellhope always sticks to the principle of people oriented, cares and loves our employees, brings benefits to everyone involved and helps them build a blessed life. On August 17, 2007, Wellhope established its internal charity foundation called “Wing of Love”, aiming of making commitment to all Wellhope employees. The donation is divided into two parts, in case the children of employees are admitted to the colleges or universities, “Wing of Love” Foundation will give them reward; in case the employees have difficulties, such as sudden accidents, dangerous disease and economic difficulties, “Wing of Love” Foundation will give them economic assistance. Besides the managers, many employees voluntarily donate to the foundation to help someone in need. Just like the slogan of the foundation, everyone is an angle with half wing, we can spread wings and fly higher only by embracing each other.


The Launching Ceremony of “Wing of Love” 

Two employees received help from “Wing of Love”


2009 New Year Party, Chairman Jin Weidong, 

donated a model of Spanish aqueduct, raised

RMB 30,000 toward “Wings of Love” 

An employee, who is the father of quadruplets, 

receives help from “Wings of Love” 

until the children  graduate from college