“Wings of Love” Charity Foundation


Based on the donation of the management team, Wellhope set up its own charitable fund named “Wings of Love” in 2007, which was primarily used for rewarding and aiding employees. Wellhope gives certain rewards to the employees’ when their children enter the universities, encouraging employees to cultivate talents for the society. Meanwhile, it provides financial assistance to the families of employees in difficulty, helping them to tide over hard time. Up to now, the foundation has donated over CNY 4million to employees. 


The Launching Ceremony of “Wing of Love” 

Two employees received help from “Wing of Love”


2009 New Year Party, Chairman Jin Weidong, 

donated a model of Spanish aqueduct, raised

RMB 30,000 toward “Wings of Love” 

An employee, who is the father of quadruplets, 

receives help from “Wings of Love” 

until the children  graduate from college