Social Responsibility

  • Awarding scholarship to the outstanding students from Northeast Agricultural University
  • Donation ceremony of helping needy students
  • Wellhope class founded in Henan University of Technology
  • Awarding scholarship to the outstanding students from Jilin Agricultural University
  • Awarding scholarship to the outstanding students from Jilin Agricultural University
  • Donation ceremony of helping needy students
  • The gymnasium of Shenyang Agricultural University donated by Wellhope
  • Wellhope gymnasium of Shenyang Agricultural University
  • Wellhope and Novus visiting an elementary school at World Egg Day
  • Wang Zhenyong, Vice President of Wellhope, giving gifts to the children at World Egg Day
  • Awarding scholarship to the outstanding students from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University


A. Responsibilities to Society and Industry

Practice of Wellhope Mission. Wellhope has taken "Using advanced technology, excellent service, and outstanding products to promote the development of China's animal husbandry industry, save resources, protect the environment, provide food security and benefit the society" as its mission and ultimate goal since its establishment.

Saving resources: China needs to use only 7% of the world's land to feed 22% of the world's population. In response to increasing shortage of natural resources, Wellhope continues to develop new products like low-protein daily ration and biological feed, which are committed to saving resources and saving food. In terms of raising technology, Wellhope helps farmers to improve their raising concept and technology level so as to continuously achieve high efficiency and benefit, whilst it also applies relevant energy-saving technologies to improve resource utilization, for example, its original ventilation mode and solar energy utilization technology, can simplify ventilation and heat preservation, reduce electricity consumption and save coal. In terms of broiler slaughtering, Wellhope equips high-efficient facilities and continuously improves its technology, meanwhile, through fine management, it improves slaughtering technique level and achieves efficient killing-out percentage and energy saving. 

Environment Protection: Because animal husbandry has certain pollution to the environment, Wellhope utilizes various ways such as technological innovation and equipment investment to protect the environment. In terms of technical innovation, it applies environment-friendly raw materials and additives in feed formulations, and continuously develops safe and environment-friendly daily ration to reduce emissions of heavy metals, nitrogen and phosphorus. In terms of animal raising and slaughtering, Wellhope automates production lines and continuously improves the design, recycles wastes and uses the combination of planting and animal raising to realize environmental protection. 

Food Safety: Wellhope's R&D testing center is equipped with advanced testing equipment that comes from all over the world. Through strict quality control management, raw materials and feed products are checked at all levels to ensure the safety of feed products. For the broiler business, Wellhope takes all aspects of controlling of the supply of "material, medicine, day old chick" as well as production and sales process from the source. Relying on unified operation model, standardized management and streamline operation, Wellhope integrates bio-safety, drug residue control and processing hygiene to achieve traceable food safety. 

Honesty Driven Company. In the course of development, Wellhope has always conducted business driven by the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, observing the laws and compliance management, always keeps its words to employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. It strictly implements the regulations issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Stock Exchange, its Company Constitution and other internal systems, also actively adapts to the changes in regulatory policies, and continuously improves its corporate governance and the effectiveness of information disclosure. In 2018, Wellhope honestly and normatively disclosed 66 temporary announcements and 4 periodic reports in the designated media, which truly and comprehensively displayed its profit status, core businesses, development plans, and effectively transmitted its information to the investors, it had no violations on information disclosure. Wellhope's annual information disclosure work in 2017 received the A-level evaluation from Shanghai Stock Exchange. It will continue to carry out the principles of honesty driven, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and give play to the social responsibilities of listed company.

Public Charity. Wellhope has always persisted in the principle of contributing to its motherland by operating excellent businesses and giving back to the society. Over the years, it has donated to disaster areas, disabled aid projects and related educational institutions directly or through the Red Cross. In recent years, Wellhope has continued to work with a supplier, participating in the donation activities on the World Egg Day, caring about poor primary school students' healthy growth through donating high-quality and nutritional eggs. Moreover, it provides awards and bursary supports to many college students in China, also gives them holiday internship opportunities and organizes summer camps. In 2018, Wellhope donated nearly RMB 1 million of education funds and scholarships to Nanjing Agricultural University, Shenyang Agricultural University, Gansu Agricultural University and other universities. The subsidiary companies also actively participated in charitable activities organized by local governments. Many managers of Wellhope also devoted themselves to public charity in different forms.

Employment Promotion. According to Wellhope's development needs, it carries out social and campus recruitment every year, creating job opportunities for the society. In 2018, Wellhope recruited more than 300 undergraduates, masters and doctoral students from 28 universities across China, and provided systematic training to help them grow rapidly.

B. Responsibilities to Employees and Shareholders

Wellhope has always pursued sharing results and achieved win-win and multi-win with employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Since going public, it has implemented stable returns for investors, and made Three-Year’s Shareholder Dividend Return Plan (2017-2019) in 2017, to guarantee shareholders' rights and interests. Whilst Wellhope's 2018 profit distribution plan was: based on the total share capital on the equity registration date when the 2018 annual profit distribution has been implemented, Wellhope distributed cash dividends of RMB 1.8 yuan per 10 shares (tax included) to all shareholders, totalling RMB 166,014,791.28 yuan. After the implementation, Wellhope has totally distributed cash dividends of 332 million yuan from 2016 to 2018, accounting for 22.91% of the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the company.

Driven by the principle of "sharing bumper harvest", Wellhope shares its achievements with employees in various ways, such as holding shares of subsidiaries and flexible welfare. In 2018, Wellhope implemented Restricted Stock Incentive Program for granting 372 key managers in key positions restricted stock, which effectively combined the interests of shareholders, Wellhope and the core team to promote its sustainable development and realize sharing of results. 

In strict accordance with national laws and regulations, Wellhope provides social security for employees. On this basis, it provides commercial insurance to employees and benefits their family members, and it also expands welfare guarantee through internal resource sharing, pilot flexible benefits, and commendation awards to improve employees' happiness index. In the meantime, Wellhope continues to build three-level training system, fully develops and uses Wellhope E-Learning College and external resource channels to provide more time-sensitive and adaptable courses to promote the growth and value enhancement of employees. In the aspect of career development, it has created an "H-type" dual-channel development plan for employees. Each employee can choose a management route or a technical route according to competence and future planning. Wellhope targets at making great efforts to help employees to achieve their career development.

The internal public welfare organization -- "Wings of Love" foundation, established in 2007, continues to play the role of caring for employees. It gives certain rewards to the employee's children who are admitted to the universities, encouraging them to study hard and encouraging the employees to train talents for the country and society., whilst it provides financial assistance to the families of employees suffered difficulties, helping them to tide over hard time, now Wellhope has donated nearly RMB 4 million yuan. Moreover, every year Wellhope organizes different forms of cultural activities to continuously enrich the worklife of employees. On December 11st, 2018, Wellhope won the honorary title of "National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations" initiated by China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and in "2018 China Best Employers Awards Ceremony" hosted by on December 18th, 2018, Wellhope stood out among more than 30,000 enterprises and won the "2018 Top 10 Best Employers of Shenyang".

C. Responsibilities to Customers

Driven by the concept of making progress together with customers, Wellhope is dedicated to providing excellent products to customers, whilst it is constantly improving and innovating customer service systems to help customers to grow and progress. Wellhope has developed a series of professional training programs, specialized management programs of farm environment and data management systems, etc. By ways of "five-meeting model" (new product recommendation meeting, dealer promotion meeting, product trial analysis meeting, animal raising technology seminar, dealer's training), “three on-site model” (on-site visit, on-site diagnosis, on-site plan design), expert hotline, etc., Wellhope helps dealers and farmers to improve their operation concept and raising technology to get better economic results. In 2018, ASF raged, which caused heavy losses to pig raising, Wellhope responded quickly, provided the farmers (farms) with newly developed products, online counseling and solutions to fight against the disease, it also promoted pig insurance and raising insurance. Moreover, Wellhope held live trainings of "Face up to ASF, Healthy Raising", and invited domestic and foreign experts to analyze ASF and explain countermeasures from various aspects in order to help customers to prevent ASF and control losses. The highest number of online audiences reached 200,000. Moreover, its ruminant feed subsidiaries promoted custody business for cattle farms, whilst its integrated broiler business division provided contract farms with complete feeding and management solutions, to support customers growing business.