Feed Business
Feed Business


Wellhope manufactures and sells animal feed for swine, poultry, ruminant, aquatic and fur-farmed animals, which are categorized into premix, concentrate and compound feed. Driven by the principle of “constantly working on new products, never following the beaten path", it always designs tailor-made products for animals in different growth stages. Since 2006, Wellhope has entered a strategic cooperation with Royal De Heus, a Dutch company also a global player in animal nutrition, which is active in over 75 countries. Supported by De Heus' worldwide resources, advanced know-how and centurial business practices, whilst relying on self-owned data-based nutrition evaluation system that derives from years of researches on nutrition and raw materials, Wellhope is committed to supplying feed products centered on the needs of local markets and customers, to offering farmers integrated services in terms of animal raising, disease prevention and control as well as operation management, helping them to achieve the best economic benefits.