History & Heritage

Establishing National Premix Feed Brand (1995~1999)


Wellhope Agri-Tech Co., Ltd. was registered in Shenyang in June 1995; the first batch of product was produced in July; the sales volume reached 50 tons in September, achieving a break-even.


Besides premix feed, Wellhope entered concentrated feed and complete feed market; Wellhope Lingyuan, Wellhope Gongzhuling and Wellhope Xingcheng were founded.


Wellhope had become the biggest premix feed enterprise in Northeast China; concentrated feed business was further expanded; established Wellhope Haicheng and Wellhope Xi'an.


Shenyang Tiandi Feed Company was incorporated into Wellhope in January; the enterprise website and email were formally registered in December.


The first modernized feed factory and office building owned by Wellhope were built in Shenyang Hunnan High-Tech Zone; the Expert Trading Company specializing in feed ingredient trade was started.

Expanding Shareholders Team and Market Area (2000-2005)


Wellhope's 18 young executives became new shareholders, increasing the number of shareholders to 25; the 5th Anniversary Ceremony was held successfully in July.


Wellhope Beijing Sanyuan Company was established. Aside from Northeast China, Wellhope began to develop new markets across the whole China.


Wellhope Shanghai Feed Co., Ltd., the 15th branch company was founded.


Stock restructuring was finished, Wellhope owned 18 branch companies.


Wellhope Feed Industrial Park located in Shenyang Shenbei New District began construction; the first overseas joint venture, North Korea UNPHUNG Joint Venture Company was founded.


The second overseas joint venture, Wellhope Nepal was established; the 10th Anniversary Ceremony was held on 17 September.

Constantly Strengthening Comprehensive Competitiveness (2006-2010)


Wellhope formally entered into a joint venture with Dutch Royal De Heus Company; the new factory of Wellhope Shenyang Company and the office building of Wellhope Headquarters were completed, the brand "Wellhope" became a famous brand in China.


7 new branch companies were established; the integrated business was formally started; the internal "Wings of Love" Charity Foundation was founded in Wellhope.


The "Sunflower Training Program" for excellent managers was started; Wellhope obtained a RMB 430 million loan from the RABO BANK NEDERLANDS.


All Wellhope people collaborated to fight against financial crisis, several new factories were established; Wellhope entered into the integrated business; Enterprise Resource Planning System was applied for information management.


Wellhope held grand 15th Anniversary Ceremony; Wellhope Online Academy was initiated for employees' training, promoting their professional growth.

Becoming a Listed Company, Creating a Brand-new Future(2011 till Now)


The turnover broke through RMB10 billion. The pig profit model "5-430 plus Double Hundred" and layer profit model "4-168" were fully promoted in Wellhope.


The food business of Wellhope was launched.


Wellhope entered top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2013.


On August 8, 2014, Wellhope was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 603609.


Wellhope celebrated its 20th anniversary, over 3000 people attended the celebration ceremony; entered in China's top 500 enterprises. 


Wellhope and its partners slaughtered 275 million white feather broilers, ranked top 3 in China; launched pig integration business and Liaoning Wellhope(Shenyang) Food Company; operated 15 trade companies and Petmate chain animal hospitals; well on its way to broadening the country portfolio, signing cooperation agreement with companies from India, the Philippines and Iran.