Pig Raising

Wellhope has entered pig raising business since 2016, it raises pig by self-built farms and co-invested farms that are primarily located in the provinces of Liaoning, Henan, Hebei, Heilongjiang and Anhui. In 2019, the first stage of 500,000 heads' pig project located in Fushun city of Liaoning Province has been completed and came into operation in April, the project in Gongzhuling city of Jilin Province will be finished at the end of 2019 and come into service.


Wellhope raises breeder by self-owned farms, and rears finisher by self-owned farms together with contract(out-sourcing) family farms, following the pattern of "unifying five aspects" in terms of unified pig house standard, unified piglet supply, unified feed supply, unified feeding management and unified repurchase of commercial piglet. Among Wellhope's pig projects, Lingyuan breeder farm is a designated trial farm of the national pig industry system, and the pig project located in Henan Province, raises sows by its own farms, also buys piglets for contract farms, which provides effective supports for pig feed business of regional companies. 

In compliance with the principle of moderate scale for every single farm along with the site planning of multi-point layout, Wellhope strictly controls bio-safety and adheres to the concept of environmental-friendly animal husbandry to protect environment by disposing manure in the natural method. Fushun pig project, operated in 2019, was jointly designed by famous pig raising experts and Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University CO. LTD., setting its sights on becoming a first-rate modern pig breeding farm. Relying on high-level technique and first-class facilities, specially designed bio-safety program as well as introducing high-quality Landrace and Yorkshire to ensure the gene of grandparent stock, it is committed to supplying pure parent stock with clear family tree and providing better commercial piglet and finisher. Meanwhile, Wellhope helps farmers in surrounding areas to increase their incomes by offering them contracts to fatten pig, contributing to the economy development of local rural areas, whilst basing on scientific environmental protection technology, the farms combine crop planting with animal husbandry to achieve eco-friendly and recyclable agriculture.