Broiler Integration

Wellhope started integrated broiler  business in 2007, at present, its broiler integrated chain covers more than 30 holding and associated companies, which are mainly located in the provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Jilin and Shandong, etc. It has established three business units in terms of broiler raising, raw meat processing and further processing, which contains breeding, hatching, feed producing, commercial broiler raising, slaughtering and processing of raw meat, further processing of prepared and cooked food. The integrated operation can effectively ensure the production and supply of all operating segments, and facilitate Wellhope to control food safety across the entire chain. Meanwhile, through standardized management and streamline operation, Wellhope consolidates the controls of bio-safety, drug residue and in-process hygiene to achieve traceable food safety.


Business Unit

1. Broiler Raising Unit


This unit covers breeder raising, day old chick hatching and commercial broiler rearing. Wellhope formulates scientific and reasonable feeding programs, light programs and disease prevention system to provide qualified eggs for the hatching farms; meanwhile, it has established thorough management system in the hatching process, introduced intelligent facilities that are available for hatching in batches, also equipped high-efficient and energy-saving hatcher and environment control system for supplying healthy day old chicks. Entering commercial broiler sector, Wellhope mainly raises broiler by self-owned farms and contract(out-sourcing) farms under the pattern of unifying nine aspects, including unified site selection and planning, unified construction standards, unified day old chicks supply, unified disease prevention, unified feed supply, unified medicine supply, unified technological guidance, unified testing and unified slaughtering and processing. Guided by scientific raising standards, all the farms apply three tiers cage system, and automate all the processes from feed intake, water temperature to moisture control, etc., meanwhile, the farms combine crop planting with animal raising to reduce manure pollution and to promote resource recycling. The delivery body weight of commercial broiler can reach over 2.8 kg, and the European production index (shortened as EPI in the following parts) can realize 380, which receive wide recognition from the cooperative farms.

2. Raw Meat Processing Unit

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Wellhope has 15 holding and associated slaughtering entities, which are equipped with state-of-the-art production lines with an annual slaughtering capacity of 550 million broilers. Driven by all-in and all-out inspection and quarantine, every single entity has established a total quality guarantee system and traceability system to monitor all the processes. Meanwhile, Wellhope constantly strengthens and improves slaughtering and processing techniques by ways of systematic pre-job training and skill promotion training as well as conducting "6S" management (i.e., Seiri, Seiton, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Standard, Safety), making the killing-out percentage stand out among the companies with similar scale. Wellhope mainly supplies fresh and cold-storage broiler parts products, which are sold to meat processing companies, supermarkets and chain fast-food stores, major clients include Shineway Group, Jinluo Group, Yurun Group, RT-MART, McDonalds, KFC, Yoshinoya, Wallace, Dili Fresh Food, catering companies and other local fresh food markets, etc., as well as sold to other regions such as Hong Kong, Macao, and countries in terms of Mongolia and Bahrain.

3. Further Processing Unit

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Wellhope uses high-quality chicken supplied by self-owned slaughtering entities as raw materials, at present it supplies over 100 kinds of products, which are sold to supermarkets and cooked food shops. Under the backdrop of continuous expansion of consumer demand, tWellhope expands its exporting business of cooked food to the markets of Japan and Korea.

Branch Companies




Anshan Jiuguhe Food

Location: Tai'an County, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0412-4915988

Tai'an Jiuguhe 

Location: Tai'an County, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0412-4865050 

Linghai Jiuguhe Feed

Location: Linghai City, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0416-8105185




Huludao Jiuguhe Feed

Location: Huludao City, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0429-3511716

Huludao Jiuguhe Food

Location: Huludao City, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0429-5789003

Dalian Huakang

Location: Pulandian City, Liaoning

Contact Number: 0411-83179355




Dalian Huakang Xinxin Food

Location: Dalian City, Liaoning

Contact Number: 0411-83161598

Wellhope Kaifeng Food 

Location: Kaifeng County, Henan 

Contact Number: 0371-26769999

Wellhope Puyang Food 

Location: Puyang City, Henan 

Contact Number:  0393-6663999




Haicheng New Hongzunda

Location: Haicheng City, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0412-3688418

Dalian Heyuan

Location: Wafangdian City, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0411-85119316

Wellhope Heilongjiang Chengsan 

Location: Hulan District, Harbin 

Contact Number: 0451-57356544


Tai'an Jiufeng

Location: Tai'an County, Liaoning 

Contact Number: 0412-4699777