Test Center


The high quality product is ensured by superior materials provided by reliable suppliers both inside and outside China, and by modern state-of-the-art equipment and a well equipped central test center which has been certified by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) according to ISO17025:2005 laboratory standard. The accreditation, certification or related reports issued by CNAS will be admitted unconditionally by 41 countries and 55 authority institutions which have signed mutual recognition. Thereby, it means that, the test results provided by Wellhope's test center will be admitted by these countries and cities. In the meantime, as an independent third–party testing agency, Wellhope can provide test service to related state administrative departments, related companies, suppliers and customers.

Moreover, Wellhope has a tracking system for products by means of keeping samples of finished products and raw materials, which significantly improves customer service. The product quality control is performed in raw material purchasing, formulation, production, marketing, market tracking and service. The whole process is strictly controlled in accordance with specialized demands and industrial standards.