Quality Assurance


Wellhope is committed to manufacturing only reasonable high-quality products, its sound quality management system, specialized management team, rigorous quality standards and advanced equipment offer strong guarantee for the quality of products.

Wellhope pioneered in the accreditation of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 systems, and its central laboratory has been accredited as National Laboratory by CNAS, which manages and supports feed test labs, veterinary inspection labs, meat examination labs and food safety assessment labs in all subordinate companies with unified test standards and shared data model.

Quality Policy

Never accept unqualified raw material

Never use abnormal equipment 

Never allow nonstandard operation

Never produce substandard product

Never ignore unsatisfied customer

Never tolerate imperfect service 

Quality Objectives

100% pass-rate of delivered products

100% pass-rate of sampling finished products

100% customer satisfaction of promised services